Stock Markets

Is the stock market evil?

Once the companies have issued shares and the people have bought these shares on the stock market from the company, the company does not retain any added value from the stock market. The stocks are subsequently traded between third parties, unbeneficial to the underlying company. The traders trade solely for egoistic purposes, trying to make money by buying stocks and selling them for more. Since there is no logistical added value, as there was with historical trade, trade on the stock market generates no added value at all and thus can be labeled as evil.

One positive of the stock market is that the general public becomes aware of how globally interconnected the world has become. Political problems in China affect the stock price of an American company, the holders of the stock will thus hope for global security and economic growth. This unites the world, which in modern times is very important since our actions have a global impact. This becomes very apparent with global warming and emissions. We, human beings, have to look out for our planet as a whole and the stock market is making us more and more aware of our global impact and uniting us to world citizens.


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