National Culture

National Culture

Do you think one should try to influence, directly and indirectly, fellow friends and citizens to harmonize culture and behavior?


One thought on “National Culture

  1. I find your question a very difficult one, in the sense that i have conflicting thoughts about it. but first off, I’m not sure what you regard or define as influence. but if i had to guess i’d say you mean exert a certain power by convincing through speech and actions, to change peoples opinions and then ultimately their behaviour.
    On the one hand i think “no”, no as in its not necessary, because generally the people you surround yourself with are from similar backgrounds and have similar opinions and share similar behaviours, because that is what you regard as right or good, because you do it yourself. if people act or behave in a way thats too different to yours, you wont surround yourself with them.
    So then i guess this first argument pertains to answering that which is not in congruence with how you act, if you should change that to be more like you.
    For this i would say there is a “no”, because i think people should act how they want to act, live in a way that is right for them. if you don’t agree with it, don’t keep them in your life. its not up to me to decide how someone should and shouldn’t act. can i share my opinion on what i think if how they act, sure. if they decide to change because of it, then thats up to them, and you’re not directly influencing them (though arguably there is an indirect influence). the issue here however lies in that by sharing your opinion, often you end up influencing them, or trying to change them, because that what you do like about them you want to keep, minus the negative parts.
    Then i also argue “yes” because often other people see it better than the people themselves. there are different levels to this, depending how close you are, each level has different insights. but keeping to the friends level, you often have knowledge of how they act, see patterns in their behaviour, and so can also potentially see when or where it goes wrong. then your influence is a good thing, because you get rid of a negative aspect in their life. difficulty is, how do you define what is and isn’t wrong? this will always be a subjective thing (unless its the law i guess, though that is also subject to values of a country and its history). important is that that person also sees it as something wrong, otherwise you shouldn’t try change it because only you get a benefit from it.
    quick interception: i seem to be assuming you mean influence to change people to be more like you. you could theoretically also change people to act in the way you see fit for them, then you are changing them how you think its best for them, not to how you are.
    Until now my answer ahas also not taken into consideration a wider group, which is what you are asking for when referring to harmonizing culture and behaviour, because that is talking broader than just your direct circle of friends i.e. citizens.
    So for the case of society, i would say “no”, because differences in people is what serves innovation, fosters development, allows for different perspectives, new ideas.
    I would say “yes” because harmonisation amongst society means people are in agreeance with each other and so everything would be more smooth and simpler and everybody would be satisfied with how others act and how things are run because they would do it the same way. one issue that can arise, which also applies to friends, is that people too similar also can result in conflict because you see your own faults in them and criticise them for it, but that makes you a hypocrite and this is conflict that is difficult to resolve because you can easily get stuck in a vicious cycle of blaming each other for the same thing.

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