Mission Statement

Prospects & Perspectives- With the increase of automated processes and robots in the future, there will inevitably be less work to do. Consequently, more and more teenagers will encounter a lack of prospects and meaning in their life. This could either result in an increase of creativity, as people have more time to think and wonder about a multitude of things they would otherwise not have had time to do. The other possibility is that people will channel their lack of prospects into anger and violence. If people do not have anything to strive towards, if they are aimless in their lives and do not see the meaning of it, then they may start experiencing their existence by inflicting harm onto others. If people cannot feel the reason for being, they will try to experience their existence by gathering power or influence, which they can use to affect others. Most likely, this will happen in a negative way. The consequence would be conflict and stagnation. This would obscure the global development of the human species, which is the heart and soul of this website, the purpose of Catalyst2017.

Critical Thinking – In today’s world where we are exposed to an overflow of information, it has become crucial to being able to ask the right questions. The information and the (potential) answers are no longer a scarce resource. It is the input of the equation where we have to focus our resources on. Google can provide us with a lot of answers to the input queries we type into the search console. They have made it their mission to order, organize and make all the world information available to everyone whenever we need it. With the increasingly sophisticated algorithms, finding information is becoming less and less of a problem. However, asking the right questions is becoming more and more of a problem. Therefore, we have to train ourselves in being able to think critically, then only this will help us ask the appropriate questions. We have statistics and information for everything, but so often do we just accept them, without questioning their origin, their purpose, or their author. Whole argumentations are made upon alleged facts, leading to completely wrong results. And the biggest problem is that people are so easily convinced by alleged facts. Therefore, it has become more and more important to think critically.

Finding People – Imagine a platform where are the problems the world is facing are listed, in a way that is understandable and tangible. Often, the problems people describe and encounter are not solvable in the near future, because their wish or want is the end goal of a long chain of problems. The result is that people often don’t even try start to find a solution. They believe they don’t have the knowledge, and that you need a Ph.D. in rocket science to solve any problems. Therefore, we need to outline the path of solving the end problem by probing the next solvable problem, the next step in the chain. The, we believe, is done by critical thinking and being able to ask the right questions. If we then have the right questions available to everyone, each and every person can pick the one question out they can answer, to bring us a step closer to finding a solution to the world’s problem, and each and every person can pick his problem he finds most interesting or appealing to him, and start solving it with like-minded people around the world. This would catalyze human development! This would be the dream of this website! Finding people able and willing to overcome the next hurdle in series of hurdles to solve problems that seem to be far in the future at the moment.