Stock Markets

Is the stock market evil? Once the companies have issued shares and the people have bought these shares on the stock market from the company, the company does not retain any added value from the stock market. The stocks are subsequently traded between third parties, unbeneficial to the underlying company. The traders trade solely for […]

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  The division of labor is the fundamental principle our society is built upon today. It is the origin of welfare and the reason why capitalism succeeded over socialism. Property (this belongs to me and that belongs to you) and trade (give me what you have and I’ll give you what I have) are the […]

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Diversity Diversity is often said to be a key factor in innovation and creativity. On the other hand, communication is a fundamental prerequisite for developing and evolving. In wake of the current migrant crisis, thousands of people are leaving their home, not able to speak the language and thus not able to communicate with locals, […]

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Catalyzing Development

  Prospects & Perspectives- With the increase of automated processes and robots in the future, there will inevitably be less work to do. Consequently, more and more teenagers will encounter a lack of prospects and meaning in their life. This could either result in an increase of creativity, as people have more time to think […]

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